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NOTE:There would be a way to record the transactions of CSR fund which would be used to populate the public dashboard

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CSR Policy guidelines, terms and conditions:

NJ Group believes in giving back to build a stronger community. On 1st May 2020, the company has started an initiative of contributing SGD50.00 per day to the financial assistance fund to help support charities, non-profit organisations and promote local volunteering.

Customers of NJ Group have the option to contribute any amount to support the initiative (not tax deductible and no tax is incurred on the donation). NJ Group will issue a receipt with the social responsibility printed as an item and will be tracked in the company’s account.

The nature of the CSR projects by NJ Group is to provide support to individuals where the management deems that the support is required on a global level.

Sponsorship includes in kind giving/other material support/etc and financial support after NJ management assessment.

  1. Assistance requirements

    This CSR initiative is a global assistance that supports not limited to the following examples,

    • Old age assistance
    • Childcare assistance
    • Education assistance
    • Medical assistance (which includes medical fee and medical equipment)
  2. Supporting Documents

    The submission of supporting document(s) is mandatory. Filing of official documents (where applicable) such as but not limited to official receipts, doctor memo, death certificate etc

  3. Terms and Condition.
    • Donation funds are non-transferable
    • Donation payout will be on case by case basis after the assessment by NJ Group’s management
    • Do note that official receipt must be provided to us as a form of supporting documents
    • Please stay contactable through email or through your mobile after the submission of application form.

     Beneficiary who accept the assistance from NJ Group agrees to let the company share their stories on the company’s engagement platforms.

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